At FENIX, we are extremely enthusiastic about the world of sport with a particular bias to the historic game of golf. We continually strive to develop sophisticated, innovative sportswear, enabling you to perform at your highest level, ensuring maximum comfort and style whilst doing so. Take a look at our FX Custom range, be it a golfing, sporting or a corporate event, we ensure your event will stand out from the crowd.


Our Focus

FENIX continues to evolve along side the game of golf. We are dedicated to sourcing and developing new and innovative fabric and design options. Style, design detail and colour co-ordination blend seamlessly with our choices of high performance fabric technology. Our main focus for 2015 is on availability and with this an opportunity to offer this collection to each and every individual, ensuring the player performs at their optimal level, without any restriction from their clothing. You will see us making this happen when we incorporate sales directly through our website bringing FENIX directly to you!

Our FX Custom range creates an opportunity for you to become involved in the design process and create products specific to your requirements. Take a look at our FX Custom catalogue and find out more on how we can uniquely tailor our products to your corporate or sporting event in a few easy steps. FX Custom just keeps getting bigger and better!